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ray ban outlet dimensional show held in France. 2. Supermodel stunning lineup The large-dimensional show will be 52 Dimension angel stunning debut. Including: China 's supermodel lineup after a lapse of 3 years, the return of the big cousin Liu Wen. Will Be the first six times on the Victoria T station, becoming the largest number of catwalk for the maintenance of Chinese supermodel Ho. For the maintenance of three-year PINK theme even Xi Mengyao. Will be on stage for the first time the incredibly happy Ju Born in Shanghai in March 8, 1989, graduated from Donghua University in 2007 with a major in fashion design and performance, mainland China female model. Xi Mengyao in 2009 to enter the 26th World Elite Model Contest Finals 15, From the model of the road. In 2010 to participate in the Paris autumn and winter advanced customization, as the history of the first Asian models board Givenchy global advertising. 2011 joined the Huayi Brothers fashion. 2012 spring and summer Shanghai fashion week spokesperson. ray ban sunglasses outlet store

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